GTA: San Andreas PC Game Free Download

Download the full version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free on your Windows PC. It only takes one click to get the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC game setup files downloaded and installed on a Windows 10 machine. Third in the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas takes players from the 1980s of Vice City to the 1990s, where street crime and gangsters are more prevalent. This site offers a full download of GTA SA.

The protagonist, Carl Johnson, has been away from Los Santos for five years and has finally returned. A lot has changed over the years, but Carl is determined to restore his gang’s former status and power. Gameplay in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas includes numerous cutscenes, a wide variety of missions, and a plethora of minigames.

It’s hugely expansive, taking place in a state with three major cities and a wealth of rural areas. The plot isn’t particularly groundbreaking (it’s a rags-to-riches story), but it’s told very well, with great acting and a lot of entertaining characters.

Features of GTA: San Andreas Game

  • Nice story and writing
  • 3D graphics and beautiful scenes
  • A very big area to explore
  • Lots of tasks and operations
  • Stunning hip-hop, rock, and drum and bass music from the ’90s.
  • Drive around the cities to experience the gang wars that took place on the West Coast of America.

Technical Specifications:

TitleGTA San Andreas PC Game Free Download
File Size3.9 GB
RequirementsWindows 10 8 7
AuthorRockstar Games

GTA: San Andreas PC Windows 10 Game Download link:

How to Install GTA San Andreas for Free on Windows 10

First, open the ISO image.

  1. Right-click the mounted file and select the installation icon.
    In third place, do as it says on the screen.
    Four, start the game up after it has been installed.
    A disc error will occur if you insert the wrong disc.
    When the disc is mounted, right-click to open it, and then navigate to the HOODLUM folder. To install Grand Theft Auto SA, copy the gta sa file from this directory to the Rockstar Games folder in C:Program Files. Simply copy and paste this file in its place to replace the previous version with the same name.
    Run the game again, and it should work; if not, you’ll be prompted to install directplay again. Put it in, and then start playing again.
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