Project IGI 1 Cheats for PC – unlimited health, ammo, etc

Project IGI 1 Cheats for PC – unlimited health, ammo, etc





Now it is very easy to get unlimited & Ammo in IGI 1 using a very simple method. All methods are provided below, Apart from this – Cheats of IGI 1 are also given below.

Cheat Codes which not worked for me

I saw many cheats on Google but after testing all these cheats, it is not working on my own IGI 1 game, but You can try these cheat codes on your own game, if it works for you, then comment down below.

To Enter these cheat codes, Open – main menu of the game, type – nada at the main menu, then after starting the game mission, type the cheat codes which are given below.

Cheat NameCheat Codeskip missionimdoneunlimited healthasperineget All gun/weaponshutidunlimited ammoallammoyou can flysupermansuicidedamntanks destroybigbangstorm comesstormydayqinvisibilityholowmanAll enemy dieEwwwEasy ModeeasyGod modeallgod

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All Working Cheats

All working cheat methods are given below

Cheat for Unlimited health

Download – humanplayer.qvm.

Go to that path where your file is downloaded.

Right-click on-  humanplayer.qvm and click on Copy to copy this file.

Now Come inside the IGI game folder.

Come inside this folder – humanplayer.

Right-click on the mouse, and click on Paste.

Click on – Replace.

Open game, See live – you got unlimited health.

Cheat for unlimited ammo.

Go to the main game folder, Right click on Launcher – IGI.exe , then move your cursor to Send to.

Then again move your mouse cursor to Desktop ( create Shortcut) and click on it.

Now go to the desktop (Home screen of your laptop)

Right-click on IGI game launcher – IGI.EXE – Shortcut.

Click on properties.

You will find something like this – Target “C:Project IGIPCIGI.exe”

Copy this text – unlimitedammo

Just after – “C:Project IGIPCIGI.exe” Press a single Space button on the keyboard.

After that, paste the text.

After putting the text, it will look like this – Target “D:Check IGI 1IGI.EXE” unlimitedammo

Now click on OK and then Apply.

Open Game, See live.

Get Unlimited health & ammo using Trainer.

A trainer is a software containing many cheat codes. While playing the game, once you press that particular button, the cheat gets activated.







If you’re a gamer, you’d know how thrilling it can be to play shooting games, especially Project IGI 1. But what if there was a way to enhance your experience even more? That’s where cheats come in! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some of the best cheat codes and methods for Project IGI 1 on PC.

Cheat Codes which didn’t work for me:

I did some research and came across a few cheat codes that claimed to give unlimited health, ammo, skip mission, and more. However, after trying and testing all of them, I found that they didn’t work for me. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! If you’re interested in trying them out, simply type ‘nada’ at the main menu, and enter the cheat codes during gameplay. Let me know in the comments if they worked for you!

All Working Cheats:

Now, let’s move on to the cheat codes that actually work. First up, we have the cheat for unlimited health. To do this, you’ll first need to download ‘humanplayer.qvm’ from the provided link. Once downloaded, copy and paste it into the ‘humanplayer’ folder within the game’s directory. When prompted, click ‘replace’ and you’re done! Now, open the game and voila, you have unlimited health!

Next, we have the cheat for unlimited ammo. This is another simple method that involves a slight modification to the game’s launcher. Right-click on the game launcher and navigate to ‘send to > desktop (create shortcut)’. Next, right-click on the shortcut and select ‘properties’. Add the text ‘unlimitedammo’ after the game’s directory path and click ‘apply’. Open the game and enjoy unlimited ammo!

Get Unlimited Health & Ammo using Trainer:

Finally, we have the trainer method. This involves downloading and installing a software that contains multiple cheat codes for Project IGI 1. Once installed, all you need to do is enable the cheat codes while playing the game. This is a great option for those who want to ensure they have access to all the cheats in one place.


In conclusion, these cheat codes and methods might not be for everyone, but they’re definitely worth trying out if you’re a fan of Project IGI 1. Whether you’re looking for unlimited health, ammo, the ability to skip missions, or other cheats, these simple methods will help enhance your gaming experience. So, go ahead, give them a try and let me know how it goes in the comments!

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