Is Clash Of Clans Shutting Down in 2022?

In the history of mobile strategy games, Clash of Clans ranks as one of the best. All that matters in this game is how many clans you can form and how well you can attack other clan members. Clans can be formed with up to fifty members, and you can take part in various Clan Wars as a result. Players are worried that Clash of Clans will be discontinued in 2022 because the game is discontinuing support for specific devices. We’ve got your back, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about it.

Is clash of clans shutting down in 2022?

No, Supercell has no intention of discontinuing or shutting down Clash of Clans at this time. Four new games based on the COC universe have been released by Supercell. It’s possible that the company’s recent update is a contributing factor in the proliferation of these rumours. It will no longer be able to support a number of devices that have out-of-date software. As announced in a blog post, COC will no longer provide technical support for devices running operating systems older than iOS 11 and Android 5.0. Because of technical issues that are out of their control, they say.

Alleged Tweet of Clash of Clans Shutting Down

If Clash of Clans is not going to shut down in 2022. Then which of piece of information was responsible for the rumor some people may wonder. Actually it was this tweet which caused all the troubles.Clash of clans shutting down tweet
But there is nothing to worry about. As it turns out that this tweet is fake and COC will continue on as normal

In addition, Facebook login will no longer be supported in the upcoming update. To connect with Facebook Friends, players will have to use their Supercell accounts. COC is still going strong, even if this news disappoints some players. New updates, events, and maintenance breaks ensure that the game runs smoothly. You can always check their official Twitter account and other blog posts for the most recent information about these rumors.
Even though Clash of Clans has been around for nearly a decade, Supercell has no plans to shut down its most profitable game. Since its initial release, it has generated over $6.4 billion in revenue, according to figures from 2018. As of 2020, Clash of Clans was one of the top 50 grossing games on both the App Store and the Play Store. On the other hand, COC will not be shutting down in 2022 or any time soon.
That’s all there is to know about whether or not Clash of Clans will be shut down in 2022. You may also want to check out our guides on how to fix the COC update and how to change the scenery in COC

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