Micromax : Nothing Like Anything Comeback – Part 1 – Complications

Micromax recently launched its IN Note 2 for an introductory price of 12490, which looks promising given the specs. But should you Buy the Smartphone? If you have looked the device you would say why Shouldn’t I ?

The fact is Micromax’s Poor After Sales Improvement and Software Updates. Before you go into the comment section to mark me as a anti-national for not supporting the Indian Compainies please take some time to read the article till end and then make your decision.


The IN Note 1 Story

Good Hardware But?

Micromax IN Note 1, the smartphone from the homegrown manufacturer Micromax came into limelight when it was launched back in 2020. The device was appreciated by many as it offered a good hardware at the price point of sub 12K smartphone segment.

If you remember correctly the device had got some issues like Back Panel Coming Off, Quality issues, etc. In addition there were a lot of software bugs including poor software optimsation which lead to charging issues ( would take insanely high time to charge ), camera app lags, etc.

Thankfully Micromax did a good job by fixing most of the issues by software updates and ensuing that the back panel doesn’t come off quicky.


Non Regular Software Updates

Who likes to have Android 10 in 2022?

Everything was going good, the anti China sentiment which eradicated Vivo from the Title Sponsor for IPL 2020, so was the smartphone market. Micromax sensed this opportunity and announced they are coming back into the market. And as we know their products IN Note 1 and IN 1B were highly appreciated.

Micromax infact ran its own forums like forums.micromaxinfo.com, Micromax In Note 1 Android 10 Kernel Source was Released and Android 11 Beta was announced for the users who opted it in March 2021.

All seemed to be good but there was a evil coming. First the Early Android 11 Update Got Delayed. Then IN Note 1 Got its last update on May 2021 and since then there has been no update.

Micromax IN Note 1 Is Still on Android 10
No Update on Micromax In Note 1 Since 5 May 2021 ( last checked on 30th Jan 2022 )

The users have been complaining of all the trust which they had shown in Micromax, was shattered with no timely updates as they had earlier promised – The 2 Year Software Update Promise.

image 1

After Sales Service

Don’t mind being on Android 10? So this might be another issue

While most users don’t mind which android version your smartphone is running on as long as your smartphone is running smooth. Right?

But what if I tell you Sofware isn’t that big problem as the After Sales Services? You might be thinking why do you need it in the first place if your smartphone is running fine.

The thing is a lot of users have complained that their IN Note 1 battery got swollen. Majority of the users had this problem after 5-6 months. To which Micromax has a say that they will replace all those batteries for free if you have the smartphone within 1 year. Yes, Micromax offers 1 year warranty on its accessories like battery, charger, etc.

On Paper, its so soothing but in Reality… most users have complained that they had to leave their smartphone with the service center guys for as long as 1 month with averaging 15 days to get their batteries replaced.

Not only this there might be a case where you damage the screen due to your mistake and what will be your reaction if you hear you have to leave the phone for at least 2 weeks at the service center.

It sums up that as long as you don’t give your users a Good After Sales Service, you won’t become the brand you were before.

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