Micromax : Nothing Like Anything Comeback – Part 2 – The Solutions and Hope

In our previous article we discussed about the Problem with Micromax. And in this one we will be discussing what are the solutions to those problems and incidents which indicate some ray of hope for the homegrown Brand.


Better Software Optimisation

50-50 thing for now

As we talked how important role timely updates play for a smartphone brand. More focus should be given on better software optimisation.

Like the IN Note 1 which you can grab for 8499 using Bank offers comes with one of the best hardwares a brand is offering in its smartphone. But that is led down by mediocre software.

But as we see Micromax looking into the problem as we can see that not long ago they have been looking for software devs.

image 2
Micromax Job Post

But actually the consumer doesn’t care what is going inside the company they want the best for the price they are paying.

While the only Ray of Hope is Micromax has delivered Updates to its IN 1b

IMG 20220130 172341 058
Micromax In 1B Android 11

Regular Smartphone Launches

IN Note 2 Looks Good

When you don’t launch products at regular intervals when your competitors are launching every 2-3 weeks. You are going to be forgotten. The only way is to launch products at competitive pricing with regular intervals.

After a long time, Micromax launched IN Note 2. Personally I was amazed to see it given its specs and design. But if you have been regular you might have known that similar specs were spotted on Geekbench back in 20th August as IN Note 1 Pro. Ofcourse that device was spotted with an LCD display but that could have been better for the brand itself.

According to a leak Micromax is planning to launch at least 6 more smartphones by the end of March 2022 along with software updates on older devices. But we don’t know when will that happen.

Similar news was spotted when Micromax Came back into the market with its Canvas Infinity N11 and N12 in December 2018. Micromax did promise to provide timely updates as well as launching devices at regular intervals. But we know about it.


Should You Buy Micromax Smartphones

Deshbhakt Bano Yaar!

Well its a matter of fact if a brand provides good products at better prices than its competitors then it will eat away the brand as if it didn’t exist. There are lot of people who have actually tried their level best to support Micromax.

If look the example of Micromax IN Note 2, priced at 12490, providing one of the best designs, doesn’t matter if its copied 😉 You should take a try with the device. In fact Micromax’s team did reveal they sold 3000+ units of their device IN Note 2 on the first hour of first day of the sale. So people are actually trying once again to give a chance to Micromax.

Its just if most of the problems as Micromax said was due to Covid then okay we once believe it but please don’t play with the emotions again, and yeah it has be noted that this time Micromax should look especially into providing good after sales support. Rest I am good with two of their devices IN Note 1 and Infinity N12 at my home 😀

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