Download GCam 8.1 for Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G

Download GCam 8.1 for Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S20FE is the cheapest Samsung Smartphone one can purchase from their S Series Lineup. Recently during the festive season I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S20fe 5G from Samsung Shop in exchange of my Samsung Galaxy A50s.

I had a lot of expectations from this device and it performed really well only to disappoint me with its Selfie camera. And honestly the stock camera really needs some fine tuning since the photos aren’t really that great when compared to my previous Galaxy A50s. Yes S20fe’s Selfie is better but not according to its price tag.

What followed next was looking up if this was a poor software optimisation or something because having used a cheaper Galaxy devices like the M52 5g or A52 I knew that this phone is capable of taking much better selfies. Digging on I came across the silly samsung’s update ruining the Night Mode and Selfie Cam too.

The solution was installing Gcam. Now, the only catch is there are tons of GCams available in the internet. But luckily finding one for this device was not more than 30 mins play.

Download GCAM 8.1 for Galaxy S20fe 5G SD 865

Below are the links to download GCam and config file for the Galaxy S20fe 5G

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