Physicswallah’s Official Discord Server Full Details Here

Physicswallah is leaving no stone unturned to leave a space on the internet where they don’t have a presence. Having a good grip over Youtube already with so many channels. Physicswallah has made its presence on the Discord Server too!

What is Physicswallah Discord Server?

Physicswallah has launched its own discord server following their students requests. Students can use this server to solve their doubts with other students and almuni of Physicswallah like a community. Moreover they can use it for group studies and motivation. There’s a lot more you can do here.

Just a tip for those who don’t know about Discord.

Discord is a messaging app just like Whatsapp, Telegram with a lot of advanced features. Its more famous across the gaming community. A group on discord is commonly known as a ‘server’.

Click the Link below to Join PW’s Official Discord Server.

If you don’t already have an Discord Account you will be shown the option as shown in the image below

image 3
PW Discord Invite Link

Once you join the PW’s Discord Server, you can navigate around to find the stuffs

image 4
Physicswallah's Official Discord Server Full Details Here 3
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