Physicswallah Umeed 2.0 Batch : Free Batch for NEET 2022 Students

Umeed 2.0 Batch has been confirmed by team Physicswallah as a crash course for NEET 2022 students. It will comprise of one-shot lectures for all topics and MCQ problems along with video solutions.

Team Physicswallah has confirmed the launch of Umeed Batch 2.0 – a NEET crash course for 2022 aspiring medicos who will be taking the exam on July 17, 2022.

The free-of-cost batch will comprise of ‘Zero to Hero’ series where all chapters will be covered from basic level to an advanced level, apart from chapter wise assignments and their video solutions on the PW app.

The students can refer to Umeed only for the topics they are facing difficulty in, or as a whole. Students who have completed studying their syllabus can utilize Umeed batch to revise the entire syllabus once again. The batch starts on 11th April 2022. The practice sheets will be available on the PW mobile app, after clicking ‘Buy Now’ button on Umeed 2.0 batch.

The batch is a boon for all types of students, those who have completed their course of study either completely or partially, or those who feel they haven’t studied properly. This is the right time for students to revise and solve questions as this is the last leg of preparation. Students who are scoring 300-400 marks in mock tests can expect a boost of up to 200-300 marks by dedicating their time to having an upper hand over other students.

The batch classes will be streamed live on the channel Competition Wallah and the duration of the lectures will depend upon the complexity of the chapter, and PDFs of Lecture Notes & Practice sheets will be provided after each lecture.

The faculties teaching in the Umeed 2.0 batch are:


  • Tarun Kumar
  • Dr. Rishabh Choubey
  • Dr. Manish Dubey
  • Dr. Nomesh Gopalani
  • Archana Rathi


  • Amit Mahajan
  • Pankaj Sir
  • Amit Kumar Gautam
  • Shivam Mishra
  • Nikhil Saini


  • Pawan Kumar Pandey

Jitesh Pathak
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  2. […] Physicswallah Umeed 2.0 Batch: Free Batch for NEET 2022 Students […]

  3. […] Physicswallah Umeed 2.0 Batch: Free Batch for NEET 2022 Students […]

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