CA Wallah by PW Courses, Prices and Faculty

Alakh Pandey, Physics Wallah’s Founder and CEO on 4th October 2022 annoucned the launch of CA wallah.

It seems that the Prayagraj teacher is on a launch spree to cover educational courses as soon as possible. With the launch of Commerce Wallah, Facts Wallah, and now CA Wallah.

CA Wallah powered by Physics Wallah
CA Wallah by PW Courses, Prices and Faculty 3

CA Wallah by PW YouTube Channel

Here’s the link to the CA Wallah YouTube Channel

Chanakya Batch CA Foundation Course

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CA Wallah by PW Courses, Prices and Faculty 4

Key Highlights

Subjects to be covered

Students will be taught as per the latest syllabus in which

Paper 1-Principles and Practices of accounting

Paper 2- Business Mathematics, Logical reasoning and Statistics

Paper 3-Business laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

Paper 4-Business Economics and Business Commercial knowledge

Chanakya Batch For CA Foundation – All the subjects Principles and Practices of accounting, Business Mathematics, Logical reasoning and Statistics, Business laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting, Business Economics and Business Commercial knowledge, will be covered in One shot form on youtube channel CA Wallah and also on our app for free. Classnotes, Dpp will be available on the app. Marathon series will run from Dec 1. Test will be conducted every sunday. Doubt Session will be taken on Sunday Evening on our youtube channel CA Wallah.

Course Price

Chankya Batch is launched at zero cost, which means students will be able to access the batch for free.

Chanakya – CA Wallah Enrollment Link

The Enrollment Form for Chankya Batch can be found here below

However there is no need to fill up the form

Interested Students may log on to

And Scroll to the Chankya Batch Page.

Once entered click on the Buy Now Button which doesn’t require any payment.

Official Details

 📝 For complete notes of Lectures, visit Chanakya in the Batch Section of PhysicsWallah App/Website. 
📲PW App Link – 
🌐PW Website –
✅ NOTE: This batch is completely FREE, you just have to click on the “BUY NOW” button for your enrolment. 
🔴 Details about the batch Chanakya – CA Wallah
• The best faculties in India will cover the full syllabus of Each Subject.
• All the classes will be provided in One Shot on our new YouTube Channel CA Wallah.
• Class notes will be uploaded on PW App in their respective batch in PDF Format.
• Every Sunday faculties will be live to solve students’ doubts and important questions.
• Marathon Classes will be provided before the examination.
• Practice sheets with their text solution will be provided with the
lecture on our PW App.
• Weekly Schedule of classes will be posted on the community and announcement section of the batch.•

CA Wallah YouTube Channel

(Note : doesn’t have any affiliation with PW or any of its companies. In case of any problem we recommend you to contact PW and the above details have been sourced from official website and YT Channel of PW)


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