Server Down, Here’s How To Access

Physicswallah’s main website has went down and is in accessible since 1pm 15th February. Its been over 3 hours since the website went down. The officials haven’t issued what caused this issue but they have said they are working on it.

Moroever they also said that until this issue is fixed students can use the alternative subdomain can be used as a backup by Students while the main site is down

Physicswallah Server Error Messages

Physicswallah Server Down at 1pm won’t open just a blank page : Checked at 4pm

Update – Clear Cache and Browser Cookies

Well the exact cause of not being able to access is still unknown. We have got a response from the team as well. That if you clear the browser cache and cookies you can access the website. before clearing cache and cookies facing the same issue at 5.48PM

Update – Server is up and running

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