Aakash 2 Year Medical Integrated Programme for NEET 2024

aakash neet 2 year programme for medical neet 2024

Aakash- a well established name in the NEET preparation circle, has opened registrations for the 2 year Medical integrated programme 2022-2024. The institution has about 200+ centers and 2.5+ lakh students who are under the guidance of the expert faculty.

We will cover all the necessary details including Fees, Class Schedule, Faculty, Study Materials etc.

Two Year Regular Classroom Courses at Aakash

The Two Year Regular Classroom Programs are specially designed for students who are presently studying in class XI and want to simultaneously prepare for Competitive as well as School/Board Exams. This course is for a Medical/Engineering Entrance Exam aspirant, since it allows a fair amount of time for concept building & preparation. Also, students get adequate time for comprehensive preparation.

Apart from class XI students, the students of class IX can also opt for this Two Year Course for preparation of School/Board Exams as well as Olympiads & NTSE.

During these two years, a student goes through a periodically updated and standardized content that challenges his/her knowledge base. These Two Year programs aim at clearing the concepts right from the basics. A student is at first facilitated to deal with the easy problems and is gradually raised so as to solve the difficult conceptual problems. The focus is always on clearing the doubts of the students so that they are able to minimize their mistakes and secure a good rank.

Typically each Two Year Regular Classroom Program may commence from March to June (Phase-wise). Prior to the admission, admission tests are conducted and scholarships are awarded to qualifying students. The timings of the programs and tests may vary. Broadly, there are weekday classes and weekend classes. Students can choose any shift as per their convenience.

Students may apply for direct admission based on their marks/grades in the School/Board Examinations or through our Admission Scholarship Test (ACST) or basis their score in Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) / National Eligibility and Scholarship Test (NEST).

Fee Structure

The seats can be booked in advance to the Aakash scholarship test known as the IACST for a price of 11,999 INR.

The MRP of the programme is INR 2,77,798. However, students can earn up to 90% scholarship through the IACST test.


The Online Admission Scholarship Test offers instant scholarship to the candidate right after they complete the test. The test is accessible through the Aakash website and will be conducted online from home. To attend the exam, the student must pay a registration fee of 200 INR.

Class Schedule

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Weekdays- 3 to 4 days a week

Weekends- Saturday and Sunday (6 hours a day)


There will be periodic mock tests known as fortnightly tests that are conducted every two weeks.In addition to this there will also be mock tests available for CBSE board exams. Once a month AIATS will be conducted through which the student will be able to know their rank amidst all of India.


The students receive Aakash study packages, diagram compilations, level 3 study modules  and various question banks like M-caps, catalyst etc. the students will also receive 4 books containing mind maps of all NCERT chapters.

Full access to recorded lectures and daily tests are available through the itutor app.


The batch starts by July 8 2022 and continues to February 8 2024.

The syllabus will be completed a month prior to the final exam. During the final month, the Final Test Series is conducted along with paper discussions.

Each class is one hour long with 5 minutes in between. Lunch break is 20 minutes long on weekends.

Personal Experience

As someone who was enrolled in the batch 2020-2024, my experience with this programme was satisfactory. The faculty were knowledgeable and the test series was of immense help. I changed my stream by 12th grade so i cannot comment on the results. However my friends who wrote NEET 2022 are hopeful about cracking the exam.

If this course meets your needs as a NEET aspirant, do check it out.



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