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Online hotel booking for the Sabarimala temple. Accommodation at sabarimala sannidhanam. How to make a reservation for lodging at Sabarimala through the use of


Temple services, also known as Sevas and Pujas, are practises that are vital to Hindu devotees and are required of them. Many devote their time and energy to travelling to sacred sites in the hopes of receiving blessings from the benevolent beings who inhabit them. In order to worship Lord Ayyappa at locations such as the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala, pilgrims travel extensive distances to get there. It is possible that the worshipers will require accommodations as they wait for or carry on with temple rites. The presence of holy rites and the Sabarimala temple, which is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, draw thousands of people each year to the state of Kerala.

The hotel rooms that tourists look for aren’t always convenient for their financial situation. To alleviate some of the difficulties associated with finding suitable lodging, the Travancore Devaswom Board and the Kerala Police Board have set up accommodation facilities that are both efficient and secure. However, in order for pilgrims to make use of the amenities, they will need to register with an online portal and make reservations for lodging and other temple-related activities. A reservation must be made in advance by devotees, with the date chosen depending on the number of rooms available. The website has a detailed reference on a variety of topics, including payments, business hours, hotel types, prasadam, tickets, and more.

Information That Is Required for an Online Room Reservation

Before making a reservation at Sabarimala, users are required to have the following items in their possession:

  • Applicants must register to acquire login credentials.
  • Active mobile number and email ID
  • Correct number of pilgrims

The lodging that each room receives from the Travancore Devaswom Board is just for a period of twelve hours. After the specified hours, pilgrims are required to check out of the hotel.

Information That Is Required to Complete My Online Registration

  • Active mobile number and email ID.
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof details
  • Aadhaar number.

Sabarimala Registration

Instructions for Creating an Account on the Sabarimala Online Portal

  • Go to the Sabarimala website portal using the link
  • Open the homepage option and select the “register” button.
  • The registration form will open, and enter the required information like name, photo, state, address, district, country, etc.
  • Next, create a log in password and confirm to proceed.
  • Select the “I agree” checkbox and press the “Continue” button.
  • The page will send an OTP to the registered mobile number.
  • Use the OTP to verify the information and complete the details.

Sabarimala Room Online Booking

How to Make a Reservation for the Sabarimala Room

  • Open the Travancore Devaswom Board website or Sabarimala portal link
  • Via
  • Enter your login credentials: username and password.
  • Next, search for the room accommodation details.
  • The page will show the rooms and room status, and type in three colors.
  • This will help the user know available rooms for easy booking.
  • The green slots mean available rooms, and the red means the rooms are books.
  • Choose your preferred date from the green slots and press the “book now” button.
  • Next, enter the devotee details, like the number of devotees and their information.
  • Select your preferred room: cottage, guest house, etc.
  • Recheck the information is satisfied and make the payments to complete the process.
  • Download or print the ticket for reference.

Information Regarding Lodging in the Sabarimala Temple (table)

Cottage (Room)
Min No.of Persons/RoomRoom Tariff For 12 HrsNo.of Extra Persons AllowedAdditional Person Cost/Room
Sree Matha (DH-7)4Rs.650/-15Rs.100
Sree Manikandan (DH-3)Rs.1600/-15Rs.100
Chin mudra3Rs.400/-15Rs.100

Cottage Details

It is recommended that devotees reserve their rooms at least seven days in advance of their actual visit. One can also book in advance to guarantee that they obtain a date that is convenient for them. During the visit, they are required to produce all identification documents as well as tickets. After the initial time limit of 12 hours, the temple will not permit any extensions.


Q. How many hours should devotees stay at the accommodation?
Ans. The temple authorities only provide 12 hours of room accommodation from when the devotee book.
Q. How can I book Sabarimala room accommodation?
Ans. Pilgrims seeking to visit the temple can book their accommodation through the Sabarimala website portal.

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