Digiboxx launched by Government of India | Desi Rival to Google Drive and Dropbox

NITI Aayog launches the first homegrown cloud storage and data management platform Digiboxx.

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The think tank of the Government of India, NITI Aayog , which objects to achieve sustainable development goals with cooperative federalism by fostering the involvement of State, launches the desi cloud storage platform Digiboxx. Digiboxx aims to provide cloud storage and data management platform for individuals and business.

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With a goal to make digital asset management go vocal for local, Digiboxx have built a robust technology that’s world class & yet keeps in mind the flavours of India.

Digiboxx is an product focussed to provide services to an Atmanirbhar Bharat. It will be backed by robust technology and back-end support.

It is interesting to note that Digiboxx is launched after Google’s announced that it won’t be offering unlimited free photo uploads starting June 1, 2021. 

The main of objective Digiboxx is to provide secure cloud data services and safeguard the data and privacy of Indian users. 

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Digiboxx will provide high level security for Indian Users

The dream of data centralisation and cloud storage seems to be fulfilled soon as Digiboxx will be storing all the data in India. Digiboxx claims to provide 100% security to the data stored in its datacenters. 

Your data is absolutely secure on DigiBoxx and will be governed by Indian law – the provisions of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) bill, which is specifically aimed at the protection of data. Any files, photographs or collateral you may upload on the platform is absolutely secure.

It also asserts that only people who are given the permissions by the owner will be able to access the files. Moreover all the data stored in the data centers will be SSL file encryption, with files encrypted at a database level. 

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Digiboxx Pricing is Really Affordable

One of the main concerns of Indian made products were its pricing will it be affordable or not? But this time Digiboxx has checked all things on the list and made its plans according to Indian customers.

As said earlier Digiboxx is made for individuals and enterprises. So is the pricing of Digiboxx which is customised for individuals and enterprises.

Digiboxx allows its individuals(single user) 20GB cloud storage for free! Digiboxx has an aggressive pricing starting at just 30INR per month for upto 2TB data.

For enterprises Digiboxx has customized solutions which will be priced according to the needs of the company.

” Digiboxx will be an amazing hit. The Atmanirbhar product will compete the elites Google and Microsoft will you be Vocal for Local for our government’s initiative and worth to mention that NITI Aayog needs a praise for this amazing cloud solution”