Last minute tips for JEE Mains 2023

jitesh pathak

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ldentify your Priorities and Goals 

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Prioritising and setting goals gives students a clear plan of action. Identify the priorities according to the importance of the task at hand. Goals should be realistic and easily achievable.

Make a List and Rank Tasks 

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Having a proper list and order of tasks allows you to estimate the effort and time required to complete each task effectively. This will help you plan and use your time more efficiently and tackle all your tasks. 

Stop Procrastinating

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Make a List and Rank Task

Procrastination carn be a major hindrance to success in any area of life, especially in preparation for the JEE Advanced. Avoiding procrastination isa must, as it can really disrupt your progress.

Make sure you do not forget your Hall Ticket and required documents on the day of exam.