Tips and tricks for JEE Advanced 2022

JEE Advanced 2022

The day when Class 11 and 12 students were specifically targeted for IIT-JEE preparation is long gone. A few years later, pupils began studying the IIT-JEE curriculum beginning in Class 9. The JEE Advanced 2022 is going to take place on 28 August, and here are a few tips and tricks you need to know.

IIT JEE aspirants are more committed to their preparation and goal-focused than other students. This article is meant to give students who are preparing for JEE Advanced 2022 some dos and don’ts for the test as well as advice on how to approach the exam to increase their chances of success.

You are first and foremost taking one of India’s most famous and difficult tests. Even though the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced examination formats differ noticeably, your performance ultimately depends on how well you understand the three areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

Although having knowledge of a subject is crucial, there are occasions when having more knowledge than others becomes more significant. You must outperform other JEE students because passing JEE Advanced is not an easy feat.

The JEE Advanced Paper can be attempted in the following easy steps:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test. Sleeping well and getting enough of it are crucial for maintaining focus throughout the entire six-hour exam.
  2. The directions should be carefully read. All of the instructions can be read in the time that is available. Take note of all directions.Read the paper calmly, making a plan for the portion or questions you want to tackle first.
  3. Don’t attempt the paper in a one sitting. Do the paper in two to three rounds, marking the questions you missed or that need further review after each.
  4. It is vital to start with the questions that are easy to moderately difficult because they make up about 80% of the exam.
  5. Try to answer the questions you are most comfortable with within the first hour. You’ll get the boost you need from this to continue working on the paper.
  6. Try that area initially where you are more comfortable.
  7. The challenging multiple-choice questions should be saved for the second round.
  8. While reading the question for the first time, make a note of the values and significant information provided. You’ll need this tip later on when you’re trying to answer the question.
  9. Manage your rough work well. You shouldn’t be answering the question in two parts, with one half being answered in one location and the other in another.
  10. To ensure that your answers are understandable and that no points are lost, be sure to write them in legible handwriting.

Guidelines for Remaining Calm During the JEE Advanced Exam:

  • Try to remember that it’s quite acceptable to feel anxious when answering the questions. Do not let your performance suffer as a result of your anxiety.
  • When you’re anxious or feeling helpless throughout your exam, try to take a deep breath and hold it for two to three minutes.
  • Give yourself some time if you can’t figure out a question. Change to a few of the questions you are certain with, and then go back and try the other questions from a different angle.

Questions and Answers

  1. How many points are needed to take the JEE Advanced exam?
    Examine the minimum score required in JEE Main, also known as the cutoff, to qualify for JEE Advanced. Based on JEE Main Score, 2,50,000 applicants will be chosen for JEE Advanced in 2022.
  2. What constitutes a strong JEE Advanced score?
    In JEE Advanced, 148 points are regarded as a respectable score, but exact cutoffs cannot be predicted. Cutoffs can also change depending on the number of applicants, the number of seats available, the difficulty of the test, etc.
  3. Is the JEE Advanced exam difficult?
    One of the most difficult tests is the JEE Advanced. Only the top 2,50,000 JEE Main rank holders are eligible.
  1. What are the JEE Advanced qualifying scores?
    Candidates who pass the 12th standard in 2022 will be taken into consideration with aggregate marks of 75% (65% for SC/ST/PwD) in the 12th standard (or equivalent) board examination.

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