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The Panel Station Full Review With Proof 

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The Panel Station Review | The Panel Station Referral Code

Everyone in this online community wants to earn money, while some
may just want to earn their livelihood while some may earn for their
pocket money. Whenever we come across opportunities of earning
money💰like filling paid surveys their are numerous companies filled
over the internet. But ! Not all such companies are legit some of
them scam you even without paying you a penny.

To help we review all such companies from the top to its bottom to
make sure you don’t get scammed. Today we would be reviewing one such
company which claims to let you earn money through paid surveys, i.e.,
The Panel Station.


The Panel Station is owned by Borderless Access Panels which has its
headquarters all over the world. Borderless Access Panels, parent
company o
f The Panel Station is market research website.

A Detailed Look

The Panel Station is a company owned and operated by Borderless Access
Pvt Ltd. which has its branches in India,USA,
UK,UAE,Germany,Romania,South Africa.
Currently, the website is comprised of 2.7 million users from 32
different countries, building a genuinely diverse consumer community.
Having such a diverse member base benefits the users as more
opportunities are created through the introduction of more varied

First Look At the Website

Upon entering the website, you would be greeted with an
extremely user-friendly and approachable webpage that also
clearly displays links to relevant information, allowing faster
site navigation. This level of professionalism helps to
reinforce the legitimacy of the website as they aim to match the
site to the quality of service that they provide.

Users can visit the “About Us” section of the website to
learn more about the platform or skip right over to the
“Rewards” tab to see what they could gain for sparing their
time and stating their opinions. The company has also made
sure that they provide only the necessary information members
may need to access in order not to overwhelm them. This
concise and straightforward style helps users quickly
determine if this survey site is the right one for them or

How It Works

For new users The Panel Station provides a section
called How It Works to guide them how to use their
website and give their opinion.

  1. Firstly you will require to sign up by entering
    fields like your email address, your full
    name,gender,DOB,Mobile Number,City,Employment

  2. Secondly you need to verify your mobile number by
    clicking the verify button. An OTP would be sent to
    your mobile number which you need to enter in the

  3. For receiving a bonus of 500 points enter the referral
    BF10AFAfter entering the referral code click apply and
    click the checkbox to complete registration

  4. After that you will be emailed with a link to
    verify your e-mail.after you have verified your
    e-mail address you be able to login into The Panel
    Station website with login details sent to you by
    The Panel Station

  5. After logging into the website you would be
    required to fill in the profiler surveys to
    receive surveys on your account.The profiler
    survey will pay you 1200 points.
    This means that you will have total 1700
    points(including the referral bonus of 500

  6. This means that you would require only 1300 points
    more for your first reward which can be easily
    redeemed through the rewards page

Completing Surveys

As discussed earlier The Panel Station offers users
to complete the available surveys from their
respective Mobile app or through any web browser.When
you join the panel it may take a couple of days or
more(depending on you profile) that you are
invited to complete a survey.Mostly you get 3-4
surveys in a week and on an average
each survey credit you points ranging from
300-1500 points.

So stay tuned to complete the surveys when you
receive any survey.

While with my experience in completing the surveys I
must say that the rewards offered by each survey is
average in comparison to the time taken.The
disqualification rates of each survey is a little
higher.But when you look at the survey sites available
in India it turns out to be a great survey
site.Whenever you are disqualified you are rewarded
with 20-30 points

Mobile App

The Panel Station has a app for both Android
and iOS users which can be easily downloaded
from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.The app allows easy access
to the surveys that are available for them.One
can easily get a notification when there is a
survey available.

Contact And Support

The Panel Station offers a contact and
support panel.Their main channel of
communication is e-mail.While you may
send a e-mail to to clarify your doubts.They also
have an contact number 

Redeeming Rewards

The Panel Station offers a variety ​of
options before its users to
redeem their points for cash and gift
cards.It uses points based system for
rewarding the panel members where each point is equal to ₹1 and the users need to accumulate a
minimum of 3000 points (which is equal
to ₹400) before making a
withdrawal request,which may

  • Paytm Cash

  • PayPal Cash

  • Flipkart Gift Card

  • Amazon Pay Gift Card

  • BookMyShow Gift Vouchers

  • Many Other Retail E-Vouchers

Generally the rewards are sent to your
registered e-mail address within 4-6 weeks
of withdrawal request.Rarely the
company might send it to you after 6

One thing you must take a note of that The
Panel Station has clearly specified that if
the reward that you requested is by chance
unavailable then you may be sent a different
gift voucher of same denomination.

Personal Experience

I have been a member The Panel
Station on November 2018 and since
then I have been an active member
of the panel.I have earned
₹6000 by giving just an hour
per week!

Firstly I need to say that The
Panel Station is one of the best
survey panel available for Indian
users.Both the mobile app and
website work seamlessly.

But survey points gets
credited after sometime which means
that you would have to wait for
getting your points credited
into your account.

With referring my friends I earned
₹500 which is an awesome

I had most of the gift vouchers
everytime within 5 weeks.

Once due to my fault I entered the
Mobile number which wasn’t
registered with paytm as a result
funds were not delivered to my

But I contacted The Panel Station
Customer Care through e-mails and
calls and said that I lied that
my KYC was done they didn’t credit
my amount.After 3 months of e-mails
and calls they had credited my
account.Once again I want to Thank
You the TPS Team!

Legit Or Scam

The Panel Station is a 100% legit
company.It is undoubtedly a
legitimate paid survey site that
offers members numerous
opportunities to earn points as
well as give access to a variety
of different payout options.So
it’s highly recommended to join
the panel and yes don’t miss to
enter referral code 
BF10AF to get a bonus of 500

While the cash payout may not be
as large as some of the more
prolific paid survey sites around,
it is indeed still worth the
effort.You only need to have

Join The Panel Station

The Panel Station Payment
The Panel Station 3000 Points Value
– ₹ 400

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