What is Big Data? What Does It Give?

Do you know what is Big Data? It is a term which explains the huge capacity of data which is related to the business on a day to day basis. The large volume of data covers both structured and unstructured. Yet, the amount of data is not thing which is important. The matters is what will the organizations utilize and do with the data. Big Data itself, can be identified as the insight which has a role to make better decisions and good business moves.

History and current considerations

Even though the term of Big Data is recently just found, the process of collecting and storing huge quantities of information for final analysis is not a new thing. The concept got the golden time in the early century. It occurred when an industry analyst, defined the recent major of Big Data definition as the 3Vs.

The first is Volume. This thing is implemented when the organizations collect and gather the data from some sources. This process includes the transactions of business and social media information from the traditional or modern data. In the last years, storing the data would be a serious problem if we have no information about utilizing Big Data. Fortunately, now there are some new technologies created to help people handle the problems.

The velocity, The velocity, the speed rate at generating data and processed data which encounter the demands and lie in the sector of growth and development. The programs like RFID tags, has sensors and a smart measurement which gives the needs to face the data torrents in real time.

The variety, is the data which come and form in various formats and structured. The numerical data in old databases, also comes with text documents, audiovisual, electronic mail, economic transactions, and stock data. In addition, SAS considers two additional fields which also exist in Big Data. Those are variability and complexity.

Big potential of Big Data

Sometimes, the quantity of data which is created and stored in the world is almost unbelievable to count. Moreover, it just keeps increasing as the time is running. By that fact, it tells us that there is a potency to gather data and information from the business world. However, only a low percentage of data which can be completely identified.

Is Big Data essential?

The significant of Big Data does not circulate the amount of data you get. Yet, it is the matter about what you are going to do with that data. You can gather data from many sources and analyze the data to see the answers which allow cost and time reductions. In addition, you can also find a new product of improvement and even the good decision making. If you can merge Big Data with advanced analysis, you can also finish business-linked jobs such as; determining root which causes failures and damage in close real time, processing the coupons at the sale which is based on the buying habits of customers, forecasting the whole risk portfolios, detecting unnatural behavior before affecting your organization.

Who has utilized Big Data?


In this field, banks are encountered with finding fresh and innovative methods to manage Big Data. It happens because banks have huge scales of information from incalculable sources. When it is essential to comprehend customer’s satisfaction, it is also essential to minimize the risk and cheated-way while maintaining regulatory fulfillment. To bring huge insights, Big Data also needs monetary agencies to stay a step ahead with advanced analytics.

The education

In this field, the lecturers which are given data-driven sight, are able to create a significant effect on the school systems. Moreover, the students and even curriculums can be evaluated to make the better system. By examining Big Data continuously, they have the capability to identify the student problem, ensure students show satisfied progress, and even implement the best system which can be applied to evaluate and support the lecturers and chiefs.

The government

When the government institutions have the capability to utilize and implement analysis to the Big Data, the government will obtain important cause when it appears to run the institutions, manage utilities, deal with traffic, or prevent crime. However, when there are so many benefits of Big Data, the government should provide the transparency and the privacy issues as well.

The health care

When the Big Data is aimed to the health care, every process has to be implemented immediately and accurately in some issues. Moreover, it has to be done with consistent transparency to gratify industry policies. If Big Data can be managed effectively and efficiently, health care givers will be able to expose the hidden insights which completely improve health care.

The manufacturing

Now, improvements of Big Data in supply planning and product quality can give the highest benefit for manufacturing. Big Data gives a transparency infrastructure in the manufacturing industry which is able to overcome the problem of inconsistent component performance and availability. However, the transparency needs an immense amount of data and advanced prediction tools. Because, it should be conducted for a systematic process of data into beneficial information. The generated huge data has a role as the input predictive tools and preventive strategies. Of it, the good things such as prognostics and health management can be got if the use of Big Data is on the right track.


The relationship building of customer is really essential to this field. That’s why the best method to manage it is to clean up the data. The retailers have to know what is the best method to give to market and to customers. Moreover, they have to know what is the best strategic method to return lapsed business. In addition, they also have to know what is the most effective way to face some transactions. Now, Big Data is still at the center of all those things.

How Big Data works?

You have to understand first where Big Data comes before finding out how Big Data can work properly in your business. The sources of Big Data are commonly divided in three categories.

The streaming data. It refers to data which catch your information technology systems from the web which has connected devices. Here, you can also identify the data when it gathers and also make the decisions on what kind of data you will save, what kind of data you will delete, and what kind of data which need deep analyzation.

The data on media social which cover social interactions for an increasing attractive are setting information, particular marketing, selling and supporting functions. Sometimes the abnormal forms, show a special challenge when the data comes to identification and consumption.

In the publicly sources, the huge scales of data are ready in open data. For example, the data sources are from US government’s data. Gov, the CIA World Factbook, and the European Union Open Data Portal.

If you have already analyzed every potential source and trusted data. You have to consider the decisions you will make when you start utilizing information. The final phase in the process of creating Big Data for business activities, is to research and explore the technologies. By implementing that thing, it will assist you to make Big Data analysis. In addition, you have to consider about the price, abundant storage, fast processors, parallel processing, high connectivity, virtualization, etc.

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