Smart Announcer : The Best Announcement App You Ever Used

As a phone app and as a tool in your daily life, Smart Announcer: Call, Time and Battery is an excellent choice. A comprehensive review of this app will be provided in this article, which helps you manage your time and make changes to your phone. In other words, they should keep reading until they have all the facts about let sit.

Smart Announcer: Call, Time, and Battery App

Using this app, you’ll be able to receive SMS notifications from any other app, as well as incoming phone calls. This app is tailored specifically to Android users.
Ingress, a private limited company, offers this app for free on the Google Play store. This is a 3.8 MB app with a 4.2-star rating, which is extremely impressive for a small app. On the Play store, it has more than 10 million downloads.

This app does not use in-app purchases as a revenue model, but you can still see advertisements in between the app as a source of income.


For this application, the first and most important requirement is that it is only available for Android users, which excludes iPhone and iPad users. Additionally, the user must be running Android version 4.0 or higher. That’s all you need to do to get started with this app.

There are many features to cover, but we’ll focus on the most important ones first.


You can respond to calls and texts without having to take your hands off the phone, which is one of its most important features.

The announcement can also be customised by adding a list of phone numbers; when one of those numbers messages or calls you, an announcement appears on your display.

It also lets you see the in-app widgets that allow you to manage all calls and texts from one screen or the home screen.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can change the pitch and the tempo of your voice to suit your needs in this application.

Finally, you can enable the battery announcement feature so that whenever your battery reaches the remark you set, you’ll hear a notification sounding like this:

In addition to these, there are a number of other features that you can explore while using it.

Download Smart Announcer : Call, Time & Battery APK

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