RP Tech – How to Prevent Yourself From Getting Scammed

RP Tech India which is a division of Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd is a leading and legitimate tech distributor in India. It is also a official partner of Nvidia and therby it is selling the Nvidia Fan Edition RTX 30 series GPU at MSRP. The current situation of the GPU market is so poor that if you are willing to buy a graphics card you have to pay 3-4x the normal price.

As a result of which a lot people want to get their GPU from RP Tech. But it isn’t as simple as you think of it. Here’s the process. Nonetheless the scammers out there just want to exploit this situation of the consumers who want to purchase GPU at normal prices.


Know about The Scam


Let’s say you are waiting to build your dream PC. But are unable to do so as you don’t want to buy GPU’s at that insane prices. You got to know about RP tech and knowing that RP Tech India is a legitimate company you send a enquiry for your preferred RTX 30 Series Graphics Card.

You sent an enquiry and you received a email like this after a couple of days.

RP Tech India Scam Email, namrata.weling@rp-tech.in
RP-tech.in Email

At first glance any consumer will look at the Email Title, Subject and Body, in all three of them it seems its legitimate. The eagled eyed ones must have noticed that the email id of the sender ends with @rp-tech.in

Whilst RP Tech India’s official website domain is rptechindia.com and rptechindia.in. But they only send emails from @rptechindia.com.



Then what about this one then?

Rp-Tech.in is not a official domain of RP Tech India. If we take a closer dig at the issue you can see that rp-tech.in was registered on 24th December 2021.

Rp-tech.in Domain Details

Moreover the nameservers which they are using are mostly used for scams.

image 2
Rp-tech.in Nameservers
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