Physicswallah Vijeta Batch: Free Class 12 Crash Course

Physicswallah Vijeta Batch: Free Class 12 Crash Course

Team Physicswallah has yet again come to the rescue of class 12 students with the free Vijeta batch, a complete package for scoring 90%+ marks in the upcoming 2022 Class 12 exams.
This series will include to-the-point one-shot lectures for all chapters along with the practice sheets which will include the most important questions and their video solutions.

The classes begin on 13th April 2022 and will be uploaded on the channel NCERT Wallah. Though only 30 days long, the students will truly benefit a lot from the Vijeta series as the students will not only be assisted in completing their syllabus but also be guided in the correct way to write answers to questions in order to obtain maximum marks.

The PDF Notes of all chapters will be shared with the students on the PW app along with chapter-wise practice sheets consisting of 30 questions each. Weekly schedules of lectures will be uploaded on the community page of NCERT Wallah. There will be 2 uploads daily from Monday to Saturday and will cover the subjects Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and English.

The Duration of the series will be from 13th April to 2nd May.

The faculty involved in Vijeta Batch would be –
• Danish Zafar (English)
• Kshitiz Kanik (Physics)
• Mohan Singh (Chemistry)
• Ashima Gupta (Chemistry)
• Raunak Dak (Maths)
• Vikas Shukla (Biology)
• Yashika Singh (Biology)

Jitesh Pathak
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