PhysicsWallah Saarthi: Your Personal Coach

Boost your Preparation with your Personal Coach. Physics Wallah has again blessed its students with a new resource to boost help with their preparations. Saarthi

What is Saarthi

Saarthi is a unique offering by PW that gives a complete hand-holding experience to the students, every step of the way. Saarthi Coaches help students in complete development and guide them as both a friend and an expert. Create weekly goals for your study routine and track how you are preparing with Planner. Interact with our coach Virtually and Live.

Key Points of Saarthi

  • When you join Saarthi, you will get real-time answers by talking directly to our coaches, LIVE
  • All Saarthi coaches are well-qualified and experienced to make sure that you are always comfortable
  • Saarthi Power Coaches are here to handhold you through difficult concepts and clear any doubts you might


By saarthi planner you can create daily and weekly goals. And keep track of your preparation.

To add your goals go to Planner section > select target date > click on add new goal > type your goal > select your subject > click on add goal

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How Saarthi Helps

  • You can search any topic from search bar of your syllabus.
  • You can also plan your day from my plan option by adding goal.
  • You can also ask your doubts directly to coaches by DM.
  • You can also join room where you can ask your doubts while taking their classes.
  • You can also scan and solve your doubts.
  • You can take subscription for NEET 11 , NEET 12, NEET 12+ , JEE 11, JEE 12, JEE 12+.
  • Your parents can also discuss your progress montly with your coaches.
  • According to your need you can take subscription for 1 year or 3 year.

You can connect with your coach by chat or virtual meeting room after subscription of Saarthi For chat click on subject name on “connect with your premium coaches” section. For virtual interaction click on top right corner icon in your chat screen

For each subject of JEE (PCM) and NEET (PCMB), you will be assigned a personal coach, who will guide you in every aspect, step-by-step. Coaches will resolve all you academic (numerical & Conceptual) as well as non-academic queries on issues like Time Management, Strategy Making, Motivation etc.

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Saarthi starts working towards your academic goals as soon as you subsbribe. To take full advantage of Saarthi, it is advised to take a yearly subscription, but depending on your requirement, you can also take 3 monthly subscription.

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