Physicswallah Prayas 3.0 Droppers Batch JEE Main 2023 and JEE Advanced 2023

JEE 2023

Physicswallah on popular demand by droppers of JEE 2022 has launched the Prayas 3.0 Batch for the JEE Main and Advanced 2023 Droppers.

Physicswallah Prayas 3.0 Batch 2023 Fees

The PW Prayas 3.0 Batch is launched at ₹3300 (special fee until 15 Sept 2022), which is at a significant discount as compared to the prices Prayas 1.0 and 2.0 were launched at.

Prayas 3.0 2023 Schedule

The Prayas 3.0 batch for JEE Mains and Advanced droppers who plan on taking the exam in 2023 Starts on Sep 15, 2022 and Ends on Sep 30, 2023

Quick Snapshot of the salient features of Prayas 3,0 Batch

  • This Batch is for JEE 2023 Aspirants.
  • Recorded Classes will be provided.
  • It will be a Morning Batch.
  • Dedicated faculties for solving doubts through best-in-class Doubt Engine.
  • Lecture Planner & Test Planner has been uploaded in the Batch’s Notice Section.
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPP) & its Video solutions will be provided with the Lectures.
  • Syllabus Completion by Feb 2023.
  • The batch will be accessible till JEE ADVANCED EXAM 2023.
  • Access to Prayas 1.0 2023 and Prayas 2.0 2023 will be provided with PGF offer valid till 15th September only.
  • Only the First 4 chapters module PDFs will be provided to students for each subject in the subject section of batch.
  • Note There is No REFUND Policy.
  • PW Wallet points are capped for new batches.
  • 300 PW Wallet points can be availed for purchasing batch.
Jitesh Pathak
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