PhysicsWallah Khazana: Learn from PW Stars

Having problems understanding a topic, With PW Khazana study from your favorite teachers.


PW Khazana is an add-on to ongoing batches. With PW Khazana you can learn from your favorite teachers. After purchasing Khazana you will get access to the recorded lectures according to the subscription.

  • With PW Khazana you get access to PW Star faculty’s old lectures
  • Get recorded lectures of your favorite faculty and Alakh Sir to get a boost in your preparation
  • Get exclusive assistance from more than one PW Star faculties.
  • Enhance your learning experience with additional faculty support.
  • Great chance to learn from the faculty of your choice, which makes learning fun, engaging, and effective for you.
  • Khazana has all that you need to excel in your preparation.

If you are not able to grasp the concept taught in your batch, you can subscribe to PW Khazana to learn it from another faculty, other than that; In my opinion, it’s not worth the money as you can study the same topics from the ongoing batch.

Khazana Subscription Plans

To access PW Khazana you need to get enrolled in at least 1 online batch.

PW Khazana will expire the day your respective enrolled online batch ends.

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PhysicsWallah Khazana: Learn from PW Stars 2

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