Physicswallah JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch Launched Details and Pricing here

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Physicswallah launches yet another batch for 2022 JEE aspirants by launching an JEE Crash Course like they did previous year for 2021 batch.

Alakh Pandey, the Founder, and the main guy of Physicswallah talks how a JEE aspirant can bring a good rank if they become serious from today. Answering the question he said that if anyone who is not willing to bring a good rank in JEE and crack the IIT-JEE Exams then 3 years is not enough.

Details and Price of JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch 

The JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch will be launched on 6th December.

The JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch is priced at ₹2100 which is same as the JEE Ultimate 2021. For the JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch there will be a threefold program.

Physicswallah JEE Ultimate Crash Course 2021 Schedule Price Free

Most Important Concepts 

The Most Important Concepts will cover lectures which will aim to complete the Most Important Concepts for the JEE Main and will be useful for the JEE Advance 2022.

Most Important Problems

The Most Important Problems will cover lectures which will aim to complete the Most Important Problems and will be Problem Solving Lectures for the JEE Main 2022

Mission IIT Advanced

The Most Important Concepts and The Most Important Problems ( MIC ) is scheduled to complete till Feburary 2022. The Mission IIT Advance will purely focus on covering the syllabus and problems practice for the JEE Advance 2022 Examinatioins

Physicswallah JEE Ultimate 2022 Schedule

The Schedule for the JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch can be seen below

Physicswallah JEE Ultimate Batch 2022 Schedule Free PDF, Lectures, Download

The JEE Ultimate 2022 batch is expected to a hit as its predecessor.

Official Details of the JEE Ultimate 2022

1). Dropper or 12th class studennts who’s aimming for JEE 2022
2). Course includes 2 stages:
     a). MIC – Most Important Concepts
     b). MIP- Most Important Problems
3). Recorded Lectures
4). Test will be conducted every week
5). Dpps will be uploaded after every lecture

How to Purchase the JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch 

For Purchasing the JEE Ultimate 2022 Batch the students need to visit the official physicswallah website which are and or they may download the Physicswallah App from Google Play Store / App Store.

Then they may move forward to logging in to the app / website and select JEE Ultimate 2022 from the Batches tab.

After that they can click the Buy Now Button and they will be redircted to the Payment Portal which they can use to pay the fees of the Batch. They may proceed to pay with their preferred payment service.

Once paid you will be redirected back to the Physicswallah / App or website where you can see that you have subscribed the batch.

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