Physics Wallah Pathshala NEET D2 2023

PW, being the most trusted brand on YouTube for educational content
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The path to inspiration starts upon the trails we
have known; Each stumbling block is not a rock but
just a stepping stone.


Pathshala Live online classes make the learning hours more interactive and engrossing. Highly qualified and experienced Pathshala faculties ensure to inculcate the knowledge in students by delivering online classes, wherein we create a space for them to feel it as a classroom. In this computing environment in the digital world Pathshala. Live classes help the student to have an updated version of education at par with new strategies for education.

Technology will always be a helping aid for education, as time passes education have to be updated and education should never be affected by any of the scenarios now it’s time to experience continual learning with Pathshala Live online classes.

Teaching Methodology

The path to inspiration starts upon the trails we have known; Each stumbling block is not a rock but just a stepping stone. The teachers at Pathshala are its real assets. They are specialists in their subjects and many of them are authors of well-known textbooks too.
Being the torchbearers, they feel that success is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few. In fact, every student has the potential to succeed and this has to be brought to the fore through the sustained hard work of the student with appropriate guidance. The magnificence of a pearl can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of the oyster and polished to perfection.
Much care has been taken in designing the study programs/study materials and they are updated from time to time by the Academic Council.

Rank Promoting Test Series (RPTS), and other Tests improve the student’s examination techniques and problem-solving ability. The progress reports are sent to parents by N-connect, SMS, or email to keep them abreast of their wards’ performance.
Frequent parent-teacher meetings are also carried out for effective feedback. There are micro-level and macro-level analyses of the performance of the students with regular follow-up measures. Special care is given to students who may not be that strong in their academic performance. The faculty conducts doubt-clearing sessions. In these sessions any doubt a student may have cleared. Certain topics may be repeated if a student has doubts about concepts or missed some lectures for bona fide reasons.
The course enables the students to build core concepts, achieve accuracy, and speed, and develop confidence. The students are motivated to learn and perform to their optimum levels.

Batch Description

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This batch is for students aiming for 95+ in School Exams and selection in the NEET entrance exam.

Students can watch the previous lecture recording on PW App.
Steps- Go to batch>select your batch>click on previous videos>classroom content you can see all the topics there>click on your topic you can watch the lectures there.

Students can ask their doubts on centers by center faculties.

Key Points:-

  • This is an offline test series and doubts program for NEET 2023 at just Rs. 8000 + GST /-
  • Papers content from our prime Arjuna NEET 2023 batch.
  • All India Ranking will be provided.
  • Test Schedules & papers are designed by our expert PW faculties.
  • You can come to PW Pathshala to give the exams at the centers selected by you.
  • Doubts will be addressed by our PW Pathshala center faculties.
  • Video solutions will be provided for each question by the faculties for the best understanding.
  • Access till the completion of Arjuna NEET 2024
  • Based on the latest pattern announced by NTA.
  • Test series is an additional offering with the Arjuna NEET 2023 batch as you can give the paper in offline mode and have access to getting your doubts cleared personally by our Pathshala doubt faculty.

Batch Schedule

The Batch Starts on Jun 8, 2022, and Ends on Sep 30, 2024

Batch Locations:-

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