OptAd360 Review : Should you Join this Ad Exchange | Google Adsense Alternative

What is OptAd360

OptAd360 is one of Google’s Certified Ad Exchange which offers website monetisation, video content monetisation, app monetisation, etc. using their OptAd360 AI.

OptAd360 Review : Should you Join this Ad Exchange | Google Adsense Alternative 2

Their goal is to help each publisher monetize their web content using innovative solutions and their experience.

So let’s talk about it is OptAd360 the best competitor or alternative to Google Adsense?

But before we talk about it let’s know in detail what is a adexchange and adnetwork or a Ad manager

What are Ad networks?

Ad networks can be termed as the mediators who act as a platform for aggregating ad inventories from supply sources and match them with demand sources looking for ad slots. In simple words the supply sources mean the publishers who have the ad slots while the demand sources constitute the advertisers who want to place their ads 

What is a Ad Exchange

An ad exchange is a technology platform that facilitates the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks.

For Example:

  • Double Click Ad Exchange (Google)
  • Microsoft Advertising Exchange.
  • Right Media Exchange (Yahoo)
  • OpenX.
  • The Rubicon Project.
  • AppNexus and many more

OptAd360 a Google Certified Publisher Partner

OptAd360 is a Google Certified Publisher Partner through which publishers can sign up and get access to the inventory of the Google’s Ad Exchnage which mostly provide better results for publishers.

In addition OptAd360 also has partnership with Oxander, Rubicon. Pubmatic, Openx, AdForm, Taboola, Criteo, RtbHouse, Index exchange, Smart, Sovrn, 152, Mgid, etc which allows publishers to have some exclusive ad inventory for their website.

Does Signing Up for OptAd360 Require Google Adsense

Most Publishers, look outside the Google Adsense in three cases

  • They didn’t get approval for Adsense
  • They want to improve their Earnings from their websites
  • They got banned from Adsense for any Reason

If you are in any of these category then the only thing you want to have isĀ 

  • Good amount of pageviews and high quality contet

As OptAd360 doesn’t require you to be a Adsense Partner which means unlike Ezoic you can apply for becoming a publisher in OptAd360 if you have been banned from Adsense.

OptAd360 Requirements for Publishers

As said before OptAd360 has two requirements good amount of pageviews which is 1,00,000 pageviews per month and high quality content on the blog.

OptAd360 will require you to send any Analytics report to them like Google Analytics for past 90 days of your site in order to get in your site as a verified OptAd360 Publisher.

So don’t lie about your site’s pageviews as it won’t be of any use. Instead look forward for making high quality content and bringing more visitors.

Should You Look Forward To OptAd360?

Honestly speaking most ad networks do increase your website’s revenue by 20-30% like Optad360. But on Payment they will cut 20% of your revnue as their fees. Moreover most Google Certified Ad Networks like MediaVine, Adthrive, OptAd360 will be of no use in case you are monetising traffic from Tier III countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others.

But you can proceed with this Ad Network to test how your revenue goes on with this site. As not every websites’ revenue will have the same effect. We want your site’s revenue to be boosted. And if it does , do let us know. We will be happy to share it with others!

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