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Meesho Online Shopping

The fact of shopping from the comfort of your home has encouraged the use of online shopping apps and ecommerce sites. The digital move allows people to avail of quality products from anywhere globally at affordable prices and a short shipping time frame. Online shopping platforms have helped entrepreneurs market products quickly on multiple social platforms simultaneously, thus attracting clients.Most sites are genuine and adhere to online marketing policies which cater to clients’ safety. Consumers can refund/return any product if they are not pleased or don’t match what they requested. However, the sites also have policies that bar customers from mishandling items.

Because it allows users to resell their products, the Meesho app has seen a lot of success in India. On Meesho, buyers and sellers can connect directly to conduct business. The Meesho app is integrated with the Whatsapp business platform, allowing users to make purchases and sales without ever leaving the app.

There is no cost to sign up for or download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Thousands of Indian college students and working women use Meesho to start their own businesses from home or anywhere else. With the Meesho app, vendors have access to a wide variety of cosmetics, homewares, apparel, and other items.

Meesho APP Features and Benefits

The Meesho app holds different unique features and benefits as follows:

  • Users can earn bonuses and commissions from every item sold.
  • A shared catalogue linked to various social media apps.
  • Whatsapp Business catalogue.
  • Buyers can filter their search to get their preferred products.
  • Meesho has COD and online payment modes.
  • Users can get regular notifications on items available and other app information.

How to Return Product on Meesho

Returning an item on Meesho is as easy as 1-2-3! Products purchased on the site can be returned for a variety of reasons. Let’s say you receive a product that isn’t what you ordered or that it’s of lower quality than was advertised on the website. Both buyers and sellers can feel safe using Meesho’s return policies. Because products are brought right to the customer’s door, the Meesho delivery process is relatively quick. Before accepting, the recipient must inspect the package and, if satisfied, make the necessary payment or confirm delivery. Nonetheless, if one is dissatisfied with the product, they can send it back by following the instructions below:

  1. Open App / Website

    Go to the Meesho APP on your Mobile device.

  2. Go to Orders and Return

    Proceed to the “orders” section and select the order you wish to return.

  3. Confirm

    Next, select the “Returns” option and confirm your request.

  4. Submit

    Select the “Refund” tab and submit.

  5. Refund

    The Meesho representative will check the request and see if legit. The team will approve the process and process the fund and item refund request.

Important points before the return process

  • The customer should confirm the product during delivery.
  • They should provide the actual images as proof if the product is not functional.
  • Suppose no product was placed on the box or some items are not available. The customer should call or email the Meesho team immediately.
  • It’s advisable not to use the product you wish to return.
  • Enter a description of your expectations and use images to back the information.

Meesho Return Policy

Meesho return and exchange policy/rules

  • The user should not use the product to qualify for an exchange or return.
  • One must raise the request within seven days.
  • Meesho return and exchange policy work on:
  • Wrong items
  • Missing parts
  • Wrong color, size, and design.

How to Exchange Product in Meesho

Steps to Exchange Products on Meesho: One can opt to exchange or return an item to avail of what they wanted, as shown below.

  • Visit the Meesho app and select the orders option.
  • Next, click “orders” you want to change.
  • Proceed to the “return” followed by the “Exchange” option.
  • Review the information and complete the form.
  • Select the submit button to send the request.

Meesho will credit the user’s account with the original payment method if the customer’s request for an exchange or refund is verified and found to be valid. Also, the item is picked or shipped back for the user to receive the right product.


Meesho online shopping customer care number

+91 080-61799600

Meesho online shopping customer care number +91 080-61799600

The app will resend the amount to the account that made the first transaction. The user can visit the Meesho app account section and proceed to the payment section. The transaction history will show recent details on the page.

Will Meesho refund the shipping amount I sent together with the refund?

Yes, the Meesho team will refund the funds to the user’s account after approval.

How long does it take to refund the amount?

The app provides a refund on the next day after verifying the claims.

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