SBI New Passbook : How to Get SBI Passbook Online and Offline

Both an offline and an online version of the SBI ePassbook are described in this guide on obtaining a new SBI Bank passbook. The following are the steps required to obtain a new bank passbook from the State Bank of India. Instructions on How to Apply for a New SBI Passbook How to Make an Application for a Passbook in the SBI Yono APP and the SBI Quick APP

When an account is opened at SBI Bank, a legal banking document called a passbook is supplied to the customer. New customers at State Bank of India are given a welcome package that contains a variety of documentation, including the passbook. The State Bank of India (SBI), a well-known and highly regarded financial institution in India, provides a wide range of banking services, both offline and online, to meet the requirements of its customers. The bank offers a passbook service to its customers to ensure that they are able to properly follow up on their financial dealings. In the past, customers were had to physically visit the bank in order to have their passbooks manually updated, as this required them to do so. Customers of SBI Bank can now access their passbooks online, thanks to the cutting-edge technology platforms that the bank offers today.

The bank refers to the electronic passbook that may be accessed online as either a mPassbook or an e-passbook. These names indicate that the passbooks are digital facilities.


How to Apply for SBI New Passbook

Visiting bank branch and writing an application letter

The user has the option of using either online platforms or manual processes to apply for a new passbook. A new passbook may need to be applied for for a variety of reasons, including a damaged or missing passbook, or one that is already full. When using the offline approach, the user is required to provide an explanation for why a new passbook is needed.

To acquire a new passbook, the SBI customer should write a request letter to SBI bank. The user must attach their identity documents and pay Rs. 100 plus GST charges. For lost and damaged passbooks, the charges are the same.

  • The SBI customer should write an application letter to the branch manager. In the letter, one should mention the reason for requesting a new passbook: lost or damaged, misplaced, etc.
  • Next, provide a copy of the identity proof document and address proof documents.
  • The copies should be attached to the application letter.
  • Recheck all documents and enter your signature on the copies for self-attestation.
  • Next, visit the SBI bank branch and submit the application.
  • The bank officials will review, approve and issue the passbook as requested.

Passbook Charges

  • Charges for lost passbook is Rs.100 plus GST.
  • The printing process for each page is Rs. 40 per page on the new passbook.
  • No charges for a user who consumes all pages.

How to Download SBI Passbook PDF Using Onlinesbi Net Banking

Downloading SBI passbook PDF using internet banking. Internet banking facility is also a great way to access your online passbook (mPassbook).

  1. Open the SBI internet banking website (OnlineSBI) portal
  2. Next, enter your username and password to log inFor new users, register for internet banking to proceed.
  3. Key in the OTP code sent to your registered mobile numberNow login and proceed to the “My account and profile” >”account statement” option.
  4. Choose the account number which you wish to get the mPassbook detailsChoose the date, month, and financial year options.
  5. To get e-statementsTo click “view” >download in MS Excel format” or “download in PDF format.”
  6. Next, click the “go” tab and save the file on your deviceThe system will save the passbook information on your device for review.

How to Acquire State Bank Passbook Online Without Net Banking: Using SBI Quick APP

  • Download the SBI quick app on your smartphone.
  • Open and proceed to the “account services” option.
  • Next select open the option “6-month e-statement.”
  • The page will show two options: internet or message.


  • For the internet method, enter your “account number” and create a passcode.
  • Next, enter the date range and select submit button.
  • The system will process the request and send the statement to the registered email ID.


  • The message process requires the user to enter their account number and create a new passcode.
  • Select the “submit” button to receive the SBI passbook on your email ID.
  • Download the pdf file of the passbook by entering your passcode.

How to Apply for Passbook in SBI Yono APP

Get Download SBI Passbook Using SBI YONO APP

  1. Download the SBI YONO application on your mobile phone.
  2. Open and log in using your login credentials: username and password.
  3. Next, select the option “accounts” to continue.
  4. The State Bank passbook balance and accounts list will show.
  5. Select the SBI account you wish to view and download the SBI passbook.
  6. Proceed to the option “transactions” to access a list of transactions on your account.
  7. The page will show two options to get your passbook statement online.
  8. Passbook icon
  9. Email ID
  10. To get a pdf file for mPassbook, the user can opt for the passbook icon.
  11. The system will download the pdf file to your device.
  12. For an online passbook, the user should click the “email id” option.
  13. The passbook will be sent to the email id.


What is the SBI toll-free number?

For any inquiries SBI customers can call the number 1800 435 3800

What are the charges for a new passbook application?

For lost or damaged passbooks, SBI bank charges Rs. 100 +GST. However, if the customer consumes all passbook pages, the charges are Nil.

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