Intel Wants to Comeback In the Market after using this Strategy against AMD


Intel seems to be on its aggressive counterpart against AMD as it slashes prices for its 10th Gen Processors.

Intel is seemingly taking a jab off AMD’s deals with low Ryzen 5000 series stock and capacity competition at TSMC. As you already know the prices of Ryzen 5000 processors in India are exorbitantly higher than the globe.

Moreover if we see the past record we usually find that AMD processors were cheaper than that of Intel’s Counterpart. Dealing with both shortages and blackmarketing of its processors AMD is hit hard by Intel as the 10th generation processors are now cheaper

The Intel 10th generation series (or better known as Comet Lake) is Intel’s best desktop CPU line in spite of being older than Ryzen 5000 (or Zen 3) by several months. And even if the chips are a touch more outdated, Intel has its own factories that helps assure they’ve got plenty of availability right now, while it’s still hard to buy Ryzen 5000 series chips in India.

Intel’s 10th generation of chips also still performs well as compared to Zen 3. The discounted Core i7-10700F which is priced at ₹27500 matched the ₹33000 Ryzen 5 5600X, which tops our list of the best CPUs, in our testing, while the Core i9-10900KF beat the Ryzen 7 5800X. The Core i9-10900KF is also on sale on Amazon right now, down to ₹45000, which is the same price as the 5800X.

In fact, Intel recently clawed back market share from AMD for the first time in three and a half years by focusing on lower-priced chips that sell in high volume. AMD has its fans, but if you can get an Intel chip that performs better or just as well without needing to wait for more stock to come in, it becomes tempting to jump ship