Instablaster Scam : Beware of the New Bots on YouTube

instablaster spam youtube comments bots

Recently I was watching a video on YouTube and going through the comments of
the same a person randomly out of nowhere commented

I guess I am asking at a wrong place but does someone know a trick to log
back into an instagram account??

I somehow forgot the password I would love any tricks you give me.

To which another person commented 

Instablaster 😉

The orginal user commented 

Thanks for your reply. I found the site through google and im trying it out

Takes quite some time so I will get back to you later with my results.

 It did the trick and I actually got access to my account again. Im so

Thank you so much, you really help me out 😀

Now any user reading the comment would feel that the user got access to his
instagram account without even knowing his password.

Wait there’s other way around hack others instagram. But before you do this
you must know these details about Instablaster.

The Comment Bot

The Youtube video was no way related to any information about Instagram and
both the users were created on the same day 22nd May 2021.

All of the comments were posted at the same time only. Website Details

Looking at the domain records of we found that it was 2 years
2 months old

Previously this domain name is known to host a cheap instagram followers

Pay to Hack Instagram Scam

When you enter any instagram user name on the given website you will be just
shown some fake progress bars relating to that the given account is being
hacked. The progress bar shown how well it is trying to use different
algorithms to hack the instagram account and finally when done it will give
you the details but here’s a catch.

You will be asked for money if you want to retrieve the password of the hacked account and what these websites do is simply fake the process and show us some animation in the name of account getting hacked. All they want is simply your money.

Moreover if any person forgets his passwords why should they use this particular platform in the first place