How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in India

how to earn money online in India without investment

Have you been looking for online money making sources which pays but you are confused where to start from then don’t worry just read the post and you will know some facts and websites that will make you aware about how to earn online.

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Beginners Guide to How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in India

Firstly you need to make yourself dedicated to money making and get into patience mode. By patience we mean a lot. Since anyone who will give you money first see that you are able to generate profits for them. That’s the reality when you work under someone, say any company it would want to juice out each and every drop of profit out of you.

Secondly, develop an attitude of Never Give Up. This is almost inevitable as the longer you want to be in the money making society you will have to develop your mental toughness that strongly emotionally. I see most of my mates who actually know legit sources of income but are yet to make a penny online. The only reason was they didn’t see any money in the first start. You need to realise that the market will pay more for the experience rather than the skill. Because a experienced guy can do the work more accurately than a newbie. So take your time to understand which type of work suits you and become a professional in that by gathering knowledge.

I guess this much would be enough now let’s get to different money making sources. Please note that everything listed below is either based on my experiences or my colleagues.

Become a CrowdWorker

Crowdworker refers to the person who will provide his time to do certain tasks that will be required by any company. It may include tasks like

  • Image annotation : Classify images, semantic segmentation, object detection
  • Search relevance : Identifying query-results, relevance events, entity classification
  • Video annotation: Video relevance for search query, video tracking, object detection
  • Speech transcription: Validating audio to text, conversation, and relevance
  • Text annotation: Identify sentiment of a tweet, and document classification

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