How to cash out Prepaid Visa or Prepaid Mastercard in India

Have you received any prepaid Visa or a Mastercard from any organisation and you are confused how to spend it in India ?

Then we will be showing some of the various tricks which you can follow to cash out your Prepaid Card in INR.

Some of the things which will matter throughout the post

  • Whether the card is issued by an Indian Bank or any international Bank from USA
  • The Prepaid Card is Virtual or is it a physical plastic card

If the card is issued by any Indian Bank then we don’t feel that you would be facing any restrictions.  Most of the problems would be faced by the users who have a Virtual Card that too from any foreign country. 

We would be showing the tutorial by using a prepaid mastercard issued by PrepaidDigitalSolution.Com ( It was issued in USD )

Whichever the case you may be facing you can use the below tricks to cash out your card

1. Using E-Commerce Sites

Using your prepaid Card is the best on E-Commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon. I used my card for purchases on Flipkart. Amazon though declined my transactions everytime saying the Bank was unable to process it. Anyways I used it for my online purchases which is completely worth it and no fees ( a couple cents were charged for currency conversion ) was deducted for the transaction.

2. Using Services 

As far as I know the issuer of most of the prepaid cards whether it’s virtual or a physical card would allow the transaction wherever the merchant accepts Visa or a Mastercard. I personally didn’t have any success doing so because I never tried using it at any of the Physical stores in India.

3. The X- Factor Method

Now a couple of days I was I just wandering around and I found that you could use the prepiad card to buy PayTM Gold

Using PayTM gold option you could use the card and just cash out your prepaid card. Let me show you how

  • Open Your PayTM App
  • Click On Buy Gold
  • Enter The Amount of Gold you want to purchase ( 3% GST Applicable )
  • Select your Prepaid Card for the Transaction
  • Now Go to sell gold option and you will be prompted to enter your bank account details. Here PayTM deducts 2-3 % as commision and the rest goes into your bank account
Therefore by Using PayTM Gold Option you can cash out your prepaid card to INR