Decentr Review : Earn Money just by Browsing like Brave Browser

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Decentr – A Browser that PAYS YOU for your data

Welcome to Decentr, a Chrome-based browser, that, apart from having a really good VPN and ADBlock, native chain explorer (called Charon), etc…integrated in it, pays you directly for your data!

They pay you in their crypto, DEC. I got 199 DEC in 12 days of use, from 18 October to 1 of November.

At the day that I’m posting this, a DEC is worth 0.14$, and their marketcap is really low (14M$), so I’m expecting to hold it and wait for it to go for a good rally!

Apart from that, you can Stake your DEC owned, and get a 20% APR which also helps (When you stake, to unstake your DEC you must wait 21 days for them to arrive to you, so take this into account).

How does Decentr work?

Easy. Your data, which you can decide to sell (or not to sell), will be stored on-chain, and depending on the quantity and quality of the data, you will get a value associated to it, called PDV.

Depending on how high your PDV is, you will get more or less DEC. Easy as that! They pay on 1th of every month, and the payment pool is 100.000 DEC per month!

I’m really keen on this project, and since I’ve been using it since mid october, I’m a pretty fiable word that can confirm that my privacy has never been compromised,

and I got paid according to their tokenomics, and the chain explorer that has in-built works greatly, and Staking your earnings are really easy as well!

How to Create a Account on Decentr

You can become a part of the Decentr family just by clicking the link here

Step 1 : Click on Create A New User

decntr referral code

Step 2 : Store your Seed Phrase in A secure Place

decentr registration

Note : Store safe and never share your seed phrase Anyone with this phrase can take your Decs forever. If you’ll lose the seed phrase you’ll lose your account forever.

Step 3 : Enter your Email Address.

decentr brave browser rewards alternatives

Step 4 : Enter the Confirmation Code which was sent to your Email Address

decentr payment proof

Step 5 : Your Account is Successfully Created ! Now Download the Browser and Install it. Depending Upon your PC and internet connection speed it may take some time for the Decentr browser to download its files and get installed

decentr india

A redditors opinion sum up the review really well.

Decentr is legit but it takes a lot of effort to reach 1 DEC.

I have used both decentr+swash for 1 month and its not worth it. Brave was better than decentr.

Swash is really useless they paid me 2 swash(worth 0.1$ rn) for which i used for 6-8 hr/ day for 2 weeks and all their reviews is google extensions store are fake. So stay away from it.

Decentr did paid me better than swash but it takes a lot of time and it also pays according to website you visit. I have used coursera for may be 20-30 Hrs in total and it paid me 17 DEC and that’s it, and then it took me another 10 days to gain 1 DEC while using youtube, other websites other than coursera.

So do keep in mind decentr takes a lot of time and not worth it and for Swash, don’t even install it. It is useless.

Final Opinion

If really wanna see who is better then ask yourself Brave Browser is gonna pay you more but at what cost it does remove the ads from the websites. But you also have see it replaces those with their own ads!

Whereas the payment scheme for Decentr is more like you get paid for sharing your browsing data and at the same posting on their community and get paid for it.