comprehensive insurance coverage

It is a type of automobile insurance policy that provides insurance in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle specified in the policy and other accessories due to mechanical damage, or as a result of a collision or rollover due to wear and tear (but not accidents). , , Loss). tyres, unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time).

benefits of comprehensive insurance

car insurance service
In case of loss or damage to the insured vehicle and equipment, compensation shall be paid on the basis of the market value of the vehicle under the cost of repair or total loss.

Loans to foreign companies**
In this regard:

a – Personal injuries caused by a third party may occur inside or outside the vehicle.

B- Damage to property outside the vehicle.

The company’s maximum debt and losses should not exceed a total of SAR 10,000,000 (10 million Saudi Riyals)**

settlement of emergency medical expenses
The company shall reimburse the insurer reasonable medical expenses incurred in respect of any bodily injury arising out of the external accident as a direct or immediate result of the said accident, unless the value established in the liability policy of the company for the said accident is no more than that of the plan. Don’t be

Natural disaster
such as floods, earthquakes, storms, lightning and hail; No sand storm.

robbery and fire
External explosion by fire, combustion by fire or lightning or dacoity, theft or dacoity or cruel act. Reimbursement is based on the terms of the policy.

Safety and transportation of damaged vehicle to the workplace
This policy covers the cost of protection and removal of the vehicle by nearby mechanics as a result of damages caused by the accident, but does not exceed the amount specified in the insurance policy plan.

add option

Agency preparation
An insured can get the damaged car repaired in a workshop of a recognized agency for an additional payment of the basic insurance premium.

Personal Accidents of Driver and Passengers
Includes bodily injury caused by direct accident with the insured car,

Like total or partial disability and death – God forbid -.

replacement car
With comprehensive insurance, you can opt for another car during repairs by paying the premium and as agreed in the insurance terms.

Old drivers (between 18 to 21 years) in the renewal process
With reference to the document agreed upon by the Customer and the Company.

local extension
You can expand the limits of the entire insurance area to cover accidental damage to motor vehicles in the following countries:

GCC countries including Bahrain

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