Commerce Wallah by PW Courses, Prices, and Faculty

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Commerce Wallah – Get All the Details About the brand new Channel launched by Alakh Pandey owned PW.

PW on 11th August announced its going to step in the Commerce stream and hence expanding their buisness, aka revolutionsing the Commerce Stream as it did with the Science Stream before. We all know about Physicswallah goal to provide courses to students at the lowest cost or free. This is what Alakh Pandey the CEO of PW announced for the commerce students – It’s time to REVOLUTIONIZE Commerce Stream

Commerce Wallah by PW Courses

Alakh Pandey on his YouTube Video announced two batches for the commerce stream – Aarambh for Class 11th Students and Vishwas for Class 12th Students

Aarambh 2023 for Class 11th Commerce Students

Official Details

  • This batch is for students of Class 11th commerce session 2022-23.
  • It will cover Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Applied Mathematics.
  • All the classes will be provided Live on our PW App. If you miss any class, you can watch it in recorded form later.
  • Class Notes will be provided in PDF Form as class gets over.
  •  Daily Practice Problems Sheet (DPP) and their respective solutions will be provided in PDF form with each lecture.
  • Each doubt will be resolved through Doubt Engine.
  • Initially classes will be held 5 days a week after that classes will be held 6 days.
  • Tests will be held fortnightly and weekly later..
  • No Batch shifting is allowed.

Aarambh Batch Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Aarambh Batch by PW

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Aarambh Batch 2023 Schedule

Aarambh Batch 2023 Fees

The Aarambh Batch for Class 11th Commerce Students costs ₹3600 for the full year

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Aarambh Batch Fees

Vishwaas 2023 for Class 12th Commerce Students

Official Details

  • The Batch is completely free for students of class 12th commerce session 2022-23.
  • India’s best faculties will cover Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, and Applied Mathematics.
  • All the classes will be provided in recorded form in One shot session on our Youtube channel Commerce Wallah.
  • Class notes will be provided on our PW App in PDF format.
  • Practice Sheets and their respective solutions in PDF format will be provided on App.
  • Classes will be provided 4 days a week. The class schedule will be posted in the Community and Announcement Section of the batch.
  • Classes for CUET will be provided tentatively from November and the first week of December.

Vishwaas Batch Schedule

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Vishwaas Batch Fees

Vishwaas Batch is a completely free of cost batch. Students can watch the lectures on the Commmerce Wallah by PW Youtube Channel

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