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Review of BulletProfit Ad Network

This BulletProfit review aims to give you an overview of the platform as an ad network and
traffic source. 

By the end of this article, you’ll get great insights into the BulletProfit’s online advertising platform as well as the technical setup, such as goal tracking and reporting.

Finally, we’ll also give you some info about our own personal experience, regarding issues, qualities and my own rating of BulletProfit.

What is BulletProfit ?

BulletProfit is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Advertising with BulletProfit means delivering brand messages to engaged users.

Website owners monetize their websites with Bulletprofit while keeping the feel of their sites undisturbed. Bulletprofit publishers can select ad combinations from our ad unit options: Smartlink, Popup, Banner. It is very simple to integrate BulletProfit on a publisher’s site.

BulletProfit Provides high-quality ads for the publisher and invites higher engagement and CTR because of their unique positioning and the relevance provided by our smart algorithm. This is one of the ways that Bulletprofit provides ads matched to what they are seeking and reading.
Bulletprofit supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries.
BulletProfit headquarters is located in Pune, Maharashtra 

Is there Any Requirements for Joining as a Publisher on Bulletprofit ?

No, unlike other ad network you don’t need any traffic requirement to join BulletProfit. Anyone who is interested in monetizing their traffic can join BulletProfit ( I said traffic that doesn’t mean you need to have an website and you will get to know in post why I said that )

How to Create Account on Bulletprofit ?

First of all, visit the sign-up page of Bulletprofit. The sign-up process is
very simple and it’s 100% free of charge. Now fill all the personal
information (such as Name, Address, Email, Phone No Etc) on the sign-up
form. Don’t forget to select Publisher/Advertiser according to your usage on
the account type section. If you want to monetize your traffic, select
publisher otherwise select Advertiser option to promote your product or
Advertisement purposes.
If you want to create account for both Publisher and Advertiser then select
the Publisher & Advertiser Option.


Contact information section:

Email: Make sure you’ve added the valid Email Address, where we will
send an activation link so that you can complete the registration.
Phone Number: Add your valid Phone Number on the Phone Number section.
Social Contact: Add the Username of your Skype, Telegram, Messenger.

[Note: If you selected WhatsApp then put your WhatsApp Number]

What are the types of Ads Available on Bulletprofit ?

BulletProfit currently offers  banner ads, interstitial ad, text ad, Text + Image ads, Native ads, video ad, Smart links, Pop ads


Bulletprofit supports all industry-standard banner dimensions. The banner ad has two parts: graphical image and the click URL. The banner ad allows publishers to put the ad anywhere on their website and easily earn money.


An interstitial ad is a banner that is inserted in between page transitions on a website for advertising or promotion. Interstitial Ads allows you to display banners on a webpage using a full-page lightbox overlay, which ensures better visibility than normal banners. 


A text ad is the simplest online ad format offered by Bulletprofit. It has four parts: title, description, display URL, and click URL. It can be used in between the post and when the user clicks on that text ad you will generate revenue.


Text + Image ads allow you to create text and image together in a single ad.
It is also referred to as Facebook-style ads. Images used in this ad format
are generally smaller in dimension than normal banner ads.


Native ads are automatically picked up from Text + Image ads campaigns created
by you so just create text and image together in a single ad. this ad format
is generally smaller in dimension than normal banner ads.


Bulletprofit supports all industry-standard Video types. The video ad has two
supported types the HTML5 and Vast. This type of ad generally generates more
ad revenue for publishers.


Smart links are the great source of revenue for publishers. Smart-link
ads are generally linked to custom banner click events according to publisher

Elboration and How to Use Smartlinks in BulletProfit

Smart link is a direct link ad which you must use wisely to generate revenue Smartlink can be integrated anywhere you want whether with your personal ad banners or text anywhere. Smartlink pays you when a visitor click on the link

Getting Started

  • After you have created an account on BulletProfit you can add your website
    and get it verified. (If you don’t have a website you can use Smart Links
    for generating revenue). Verification process is simple and
    fast. Capture2
  • You can either you the HTML Tag which has to placed in the head tags of
    your website or you can download the .txt file which has to uploaded in
    public_html of your domain name.  TXT-FILE Should Be Accessible
    Here yourdomainname/bulletprofit.txt
  • Capture3
  • After verifying your site you are ready to rock, create an ad-unit and
    place it into your site. Once that is done you will automatically generate
    revenue which will updated into your BulletProfit Account

Bulletprofit Rates and CPM

Well many of you might be wondering how much does Bulletprofit pay per 1000 views the answer is 0 in case of display ads, 0.1$ in case of pop ads/ Interstitial ads.

The Bulleprofit Display ads dont have CPM bidding they will pay you per click. Actually the isplay adverts are fake banners with a pop up ad link that further degrades the user experience

BulletProfit Payments

  • BulletProfit currently pays it Publishers via PayTM, UPI, Bank Transfer
    and Bitcoin 
  • Minimum Threshold Amount for Withdrawl is $5.
  • Payments are automatically processed monthly after you reach the threshold
  • Publishers who are generating $20 or more per month can get weekly

BulletProfit Payment Proof

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Note: We don’t own this payment proof.


My Personal Experience with BulletProfit

As we mentioned earlier Bulletprofit is a new ad-network but it manages to win our hearts with a super fast customer service. Once we reached their executive over the mail and in no time he gave a satisfying reply. Over multiple instances I was impressed by BulletProfit with their customer service with a quick satisfying replies. 

But as BulletProfit is a new market player it has a downside. It seems that not many advertisers have placed their bids here. As a result Publishers can see some the ads like text, native and video ads  to be unavailable as of now.

BulletProfit is an Indian Company. So Indian publishers like us have native benefit like the customer service is available from 9.00 IST till 20.00 IST

❌One thing that is clear that due to the pop up ad inventory you can earn money from Bulletprofit still they pays less than the other CPM ad networks like Pop Ads, Propeller Ads, etc.

Final Words

BulletProfit is indeed a average site to generate revenue for Indian publishers. I will recommend to use Anonymous Ads in case you didn’t get Adsense Approval and don’t want to use pop up ads, since A-Ads pay you lot better than Bulletprofit display ads and are much better. Once you get your adsense approval then there’s no need to use BulletProfit or A-ads.
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