If you want to gain more visibility, the best combination you need to know about is brand and product promotion. Making brands and products recognizable by future consumers is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. This is why brands are constantly looking for efficient alternatives

The increase in sales guarantees the profitability of the business. Without sales, a company or product cannot be sustained. No matter how good or attractive it is, if it is not a sale in the end, then something is missing in the strategy.

In this sense, the first word that may come to mind is “investment”. Yes, the answer is probably there, because you’ve invested in creating a great product, it makes sense to keep investing in getting it out there. You know how to do it? This guide will help you understand the difference between Sponsored Branding and Sponsored Products so you can implement it successfully.

First Things First: What Is Sponsorship?

From the beginning, sponsorship was sponsorship. This is a figure that has been associated with projects through dedicated donations. However, this is not the only way.

Now, you may be wondering why he did this. Sponsors are empowered when they contribute to the project. Many times, the sponsor can be another brand that wants to position itself. Sponsored images are just another marketing tactic that works both ways, because the person gets rewarded too.

Another important fact is that there are several types of sponsors. In these cases, the exchange opens a door of possibility for brand or product positioning.

Characteristics Of Sponsored Brands And Sponsored Products

Now, to get into this issue and clarify the previous point, it is necessary to understand the difference between sponsored brands and sponsored products. The first thing you should know is that they are advertised on and have gained popularity in recent years due to their incredible results.

A very general definition of a Sponsored Brand is that it is an ad that includes a product brand logo, a headline, and up to three products. These are high-impact ads that can be used to build awareness or showcase a specific product line. You can also drive traffic to your landing page or your Amazon sales page.

At the same time, Sponsored Products is a type of product-specific advertising. Ads will be visible on relevant pages and certain searches. This type of promotion makes your product more visible to future buyers, which directly increases sales.

So far, everything seems to indicate that both options are very effective in attracting future customers and successfully closing sales. However, there are other details that must be taken into account before embarking on either of these two paths.

Learn More About Sponsored Brands

These types of ads are often used to increase brand awareness. Although some products are included in the ad, these are not the main protagonists. That’s why Amazon separates the ads into two different categories, because if you know you have a hot product, you’re going to have to turn to sponsored products.

As the name suggests, Sponsred Brand has its sights set on the entire brand. Obviously, since the goal is to sell, this ad should redirect to a product catalog or personalization page.

This is not an option accessible to everyone. It is only available to professional sellers with registered trademarks. This strategy is the perfect complement to a marketing strategy that seeks visibility, positioning and mass use. At the same time, you can increase the visibility of certain products, since the ads allow you to include up to three of them.

Increase Product Awareness Through Branding

When you activate your Sponsored Brands ad and place your three featured products, you can increase awareness for your product. When a person clicks on one of the three featured products, the page immediately sends them to that product’s home page.

By monitoring the behavior of this user, you can improve future strategies based on the data generated. In this way, you will be able to check and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, which means that you will be able to know which products are the most interesting. This product is the one to send to Sponsored Products.

Another aspect to consider when using Sponsored Brands is your brand message. When you use this type of advertising, you need to have an effective logo and a good campaign designed to make your brand message visible effectively.

To complete this Amazon ad, you also need to create a headline, headline, some good images, and everything else that will help your campaign grab attention.

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